Sharing Memories

As one of my New Year resolutions for 2013 I plan to join the Olive Tree Genealogy Project "Sharing Memories".  The idea of this project is to record some of my stories and memories for future generations. In my blog 'The other Half of My Tree - stories of my female ancestors", I have recorded in a couple of my blogs my own memories of my Nanna, Christina Lee, however, I think this project will encourage me to record more of my experiences and memories. I think this is a great idea and I only wish some other members of my family would do the same.  So many family stories are lost, because we haven't taken the time to ask, listen and record the memories of our older family members.

1. Welcoming in the New Year and the Sharing Memories Project

2. Sharing Memories - Early School Days in the Bush - School of the Air

3. Sharing Memories - Early days in the Bush - Day out with Dad

4. Family Recipe Friday, and Sharing Memories - Lamingtons

5. Wordless Wednesday - Sharing Memories - School of the Air

6. Aunty Tilly (Matilda Holman, nee Taylor 1900-2001)

7.  Aunty Tilly - Part 2

8. Sharing Memories - Childhood Memories of Picnic Races at White Cliffs 

9. Those Places Thursday - Sharing Memories - Childhood Christmas in Outback NSW

10. Thankful Thursday - Sharing Memories - Here comes the rain!

11. Disasterous Flood destroys Nuntherungie Station.

12. Wordless Wednesday - Sharing Memories

13. Sharing Memories - A Boxing Day Reflection

14. Sentimental Sunday - Sharing Memories - Its Blackberry Time

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