Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friday's Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge" - B is for Blogs

It is almost two week since I posted my first blog in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge,  "A is for Apps" I have made the commitment to post a new blog each week as part of this challenge, and guess what already I have to apologise for being tardy with my second post.  I shall blame this tardiness on the fact that I have been on holidays and our Internet access was very dodgy.  Excuses over, it is time to move on to my "B for" blog.

As I lazed around the pool on Daydream Island, North Queensland, reading and sipping on icy cocktails I pondered on the letter "B". What shall I write about, Birth Certificates, Baptism, Birth notices, Banns?  I am sure these have all been done, so finally decided to dedicate my "B" post to "Blogs".

As I mentioned earlier, I have just been on three weeks annual leave. What a luxury, time to actually, read some of the many Genealogy Blogs that I have tagged, saved in Evernote with a note, for reading!!! Hence I thought it would be an opportunity to share with you some of the blogs that I have found amusing, informative and pretty!!!

Here is the list of Blogs that I have enjoyed reading over the past couple of weeks in no particular order.

1. Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog,
2. Lonetester HQ, 
3. Geniaus, 
5. Australian Genealogy Journeys,
6. Lost Family Treasures,
7. A Rebel Hand: Nicholas Delaney of 1798,
8. Dance Skeletons,Tracing our family history to Australia, one skeleton at a time,

9. Backtracking,
10. Geneabloggers,
11. Diary of an Australian Genealogist,
12. Jax Trax,
13. Ku-ring-gai Historical Society,
14. Sepia Saturday,
15.  A Family Tapestry.

This is a short summary of some of the blogs I have enjoyed reading over the past couple of weeks.  I hope I am able to keep up with these great blogs this year and not have to wait until my holidays to catch up with them all.  


  1. Thanks, Diane, for mentioning my Geniaus blog. I have also been holidaying so haven't been posting regularly.

    I look forward to more alphabet posts from you.

  2. yes it is that time of the year!! I have really enjoyed catching up on your blog