Thursday, March 28, 2013

Follow Friday - An accumulation of my weekly research - 9

This week I managed to post my next Alphabet challenge.  G is for Gravestone.  I have to admit that it is taking me a longer to wend my way through the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge  than I first imagined. The great upside of this project is the discovery of new resources, genealogy sites and blogs as I research each topic. When I started the post G for Gravestones, I thought would be quick and straight forward, but no!! I was amazed at the number of sights/blogs that either provide the history of gravestones through the ages, the different types of gravestones or grave markers, the sad and whimsical stories associated with particular gravestones, the historical events related to particular cemeteries, photos and inscriptions from cemeteries,  war cemeteries and their history and the meanings of the markings and symbols on gravestones to mention a few.

St Michael's, Alnwick
I really have to thank the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge for providing me with the motivation to explore new and interesting topics. This brings me to the point of today's blog, to share with you some of the sites and blogs I have discovered associated with gravestones, headstones and cemeteries.  I am sure this is just a drop in the ocean so would welcome input from anyone who knows of further interesting sites on this subject.

Australian Cemeteries:
 Australian Cemeteries;
Australian Cemeteries Index:
Wikipedia List of Australian Cemeteries:
Cora Web: Cemetery Records Australia:
Other Cemetery Sites Cemeteries on line:
Gravestone Photographic Resource:
International Jewish Cemetery Project;

War Graves
War Graves Photographic Project:
American Cemeteries Around the World: 
The Canadian Headstone Project:
World War 1 Cemeteries:

Other Sites
History from Headstones:
How to do a Headstone Rubbing:
Tips for Photographing Gravestones:
Exploring Cemeteries:
Gravestone Symbolism:
History of Headstones:
The Association for Grave Studies:
Historic Graves:

Carol's Headstone Photos:
Mad about Genealogy: Gravestone Photos:
A Grave Interest:
Buried in History:
Cemeteries of Dancing Rabbit Creek:
Grave Encounters:
Headstones and Family History:
Sleeping Gardens:

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