Friday, April 12, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Mum's Golden Syrup Dumplings

Steaming, light fluffy golden balls, covered with a thick golden caramely sauce!!!!  With a dollop of cream or ice cream!!  YUM   Golden Syrup Dumplings have been a family favourite through many generations of Australian families.  This simple economic recipe provided a tasty dessert for many families.  I have found copies of the recipe Australian newspapers dating back as far as the late 1890’s. 

Golden Syrup which is a by-product of sugar has been a favourite in the Australian Kitchen for many years. With a little research on Trove, I found recipes dating back to the end of the 1800's.  In a previous Friday Recipe blog, I wrote about Anzac Biscuits, and the importance of golden syrup for this recipe.  Again, the sticky sweetness of Golden syrup is the vital ingredient of our golden syrup dumplings.
Launceston Examiner 13 November 1893

Golden Syrup Dumplings were a favourite winter dessert in our household when I was young, and I in turn made it for my children.  This is recipe is from my mother’s book, and she informs me that it the same recipe that her mother used.  It may not be the best for your waist line but every now and then, on a cold winter night, it is sure to be a hit with whoever you serve it to.

 Here is Mum's Golden Syrup Dumpling Recipe.  I am sure it will continue to be passed on through the generations of my family.


  1. I agree with Aillin Diane.
    They sound so yummy that I've taken a "snip" of the recipe... hope this is OK? I'd like to know your mother's name so that I can record it there, along with yours. I love collecting recipes and always like to remember from whom they came.
    I have all the ingredients and intend to cook them tomorrow night :-) ...
    Cheerio for now... Catherine.

  2. Happy to share!! My mum's name is Moreen. I think collecting recipes is fun, especially older ones. I hope to share another one of her recipes tomorrow. Hope they turned out well.