Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sentimental Sunday - William John Herbert - Uncle Bob

William John (Bob) Herbert

William John Herbert (1985-1972), or Uncle Bob as I knew him was my grandfather (Roy Clarence Herbert)'s half brother.  He and his wife Florence (nee Beaumont) were my mother's favorite Aunt and Uncle.  They lived in 97 Wolfram Street, Broken Hill. I remember as small child visiting Uncle Bob and Auntie Florry every time our family traveled into town (Broken Hill) from Nuntherungie, the station  where we lived.

Uncle Bob was born in the mining town of Burra, South Australia.  His parents were John Herbert and Louisa Seaforth. John was only seven years old when his mother Louisa died from Cholera. His father, was left with four young children remarried Caroline Hornhardt.  William, along with his siblings attended the Burra State School. He worked in the mines in Burra and then when the first World War broke out he enlisted in the Army. (Service Number - 3703).

At the end of the War he moved to Broken Hill, met Florence Beaumont, married and settled into their modest home.  Uncle Bob was an avid collector of stamps, spending his spare money on first day covers and newly released stamps. It was his enthusiams for stamp collecting that sparked my childhood interest in stamp collecting, and whenever we received a letter or card from Auntie Florry, there would always be a couple of older stamps from his collection on the envelope, especially for me.

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