Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sentimental Sunday - 56 Wason Street Milton

56 Wason Street, Milton
My childhood memories of visiting my Nanna, Christina Carriage (Shepherd, nee Lee) and Pop, Lionel Carriage are filled with memories of playing in her yard under the huge Magnolia Tree, performing concerts with my cousins on her front veranda, climbing the well on the side of her house, picking plums from her fruit trees and snuggling up in her cosy kitchen, warmed by the huge combustion stove and reading the books and magazines from the corner bookshelf.

Milton is a small dairy town on the south coast of NSW, and my father spent most of his childhood living in Wason Street, in this house and prior to that one a few doors up the street. I was recently delight to rediscover an old post card that my Aunty Nancy had sent me with a picture of Waston Street around 1912-1914.
Wason Street Milton - circa 1912-1914
On the back of the card she writes about living in Wason Street, mentioning the Magnolia Tree, which can be seen in the distance.  The house that my Nanna lived in is not there anymore, having been replaced by a new much larger home, however, the beautiful old Magnolia tree still stands guard in the front yard.  

At the bottom of the street in this picture you can see the Methodist Church.  This was the church that I where I was christened and the church that I would go to with my Nanna when I was visiting as a small child.  My Aunty Nancy who send me this post card was married in this church as well. 

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