Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sentimental Sunday - Grandparents Day

Today's post is inspired by an article that I saw on this morning's news which advised that today was Grandparents Day. "Everyone has fond memories of being at their Nan and Pop's place its where you go to get the kind of love that only a grandparent can give.  This year Grandparents Day celebrates our memories of being at home with out grandparents.

My grandparents lived in very different environments.  My maternal Grandparents, Edna and Roy Herbert lived in the outback mining town of Broken Hill, and my Nanna, Christina Carriage and Pop , Lionel Carriage (step grandfather) lived in the small coastal town of Milton.

Edna Palin and Roy Herbert - on their Wedding Day in Broken Hill, NSW

Herbert Home, 58 McGowan Street, Broken Hill

Edna and Roy passed away when I was quite a young child so my memories of their home is quite dim.  However, I do have some memories of being there as a young child, when my mother stayed to help look after my grandfather, when my grandmother was in hospital.  I remember a very bare and dusty back yard with a corrugated tin fence  that backed onto a lane way.

Nanna and Pop Carriage

My paternal Grandparents were Christina Lee and Malcolm Michael Shepherd.  However, my Grandfather passed away after a logging accident in 1932 and my Christina remarried Lionel Carriage, so we grew up visiting Nanna and Pop Carriage in the small diary town of Milton on the South Coast of NSW. 

We regularly spent Christmas at their home, with all our cousins, Aunts and Uncles, playing in the big magnolia tree out the front of the house, putting on concerts on the front veranda, exploring the neighbouring fields and lane ways and spending lots of time on the nearby beaches.

Nanna and Pop's home in Milton


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