Friday, February 1, 2013

Follow Friday - An accumulation of my weekly research - 8

This week I have been busy researching how my ancestors were employed and the different resources that assist in finding how and where they were employed for my post "Friday's Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge - E for Employment".

 I was struck by the number of great resources that look at how our ancestors were employed and definitions of the unusual occupations of yesteryear. Boy, there are so many unusual occupations!!

So  in this weeks (or should I say month's) summary of my research, I would like to share with you some of the links, books and blogs that look at the employment and occupations of older generations. These links provide some fascinating reading on the unusual employment and occupations that were part of every day life for our ancestors.



Colin Waters, Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles and Occupations, 1999,MRM Associates Ltd, Reading, kindle version

Jane Hewitt and Paul Jack Hewitt,(2011)  Dictionary of Old Occupations, Kindle edition,

Cora Num, Occupational Records in Australia,

Helpful Links, Unusual Occupations in Canadian Census Records,  
Roots List of Occupations: 
Old Occupations in Scotland:
Hall Genealogy Web Site, Old Occupations: 
Occupations and Education, Ancestry.
The 1891 "London Census" Transcription, Victorian Occupations.

 United Kingdom and Ireland Occupations, Genuki,


Old Job Descriptions:
Family History Finder: Old occupations,
Family Research by Jody, Old occupations,
The Olive Tree Genealogy, Obsolete Occupations in Genealogy,
Genealogy Insider, Our Ancestor's Odd Jobs in Genealogy Records, .

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