Monday, March 10, 2014

Mappy Monday - Jinglemoney Araluen

Last week I posted a picture of James and Margaret McGregor, who were married on 23 June 1859, in the Presbyterian Church, Jinglemoney, a small settlement in the gold mining district of Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia. One of the responses posted on this blog commented on "what a great name Jinglemoney was!!"

So today I thought I would share with you a copy of a map of Jinglemoney, that shows the McGregor Land Allocation. This land is now part of the present day station, Gingamona.

Map showing the McGregor Crown Grant in the Parish of Jinglemoney (Lot 41)

In a letter written by Mr Russell Hill, from Gingamona Station, Braidwood (in 1968), he describes how Peter McGregor (James McGregor's father) acquired the land.

Letter from Russell Hill
"As I am the owner of the original Crown Grant to Peter McGregor of 100 Acres in the parish of Jinglemoney dated 18th August, 1856 (the Crown Grant is in my possession) on the 10th June, 1857 he sold it to Mr James Laing of Bungendore for the sum of 200 pounds sterling.  The conveyance bears the signature of Peter McGregor in a bold but faltering hand. ........

The following information I have no documentary evidence to substantiate but believe it to be correct in every detail - Peter and James McGregor lived together at Peter's residence on the 100 acres Crown Grant as Mr James Liang did not take up residence there till about 1863.  James share farmed a portion of Captain Morpys "Gingamona" holding during the years 1856 to 1863 and Margaret McPherson (his wife) was connected with Captain Morphys household staff".

James and Margaret McGregor lived in the Araluen district for a number of years before moving to seek their fortune in the goldmining district of  Bombay River, on the Shoalhaven River.  From here they moved with their family to Booth Street in Balmain, Sydney. (Photos of their home there can be found on my post, Sentimental Sunday - Walking in the footsteps of my great great grandparents, James and Margaret McGregor)

Finally, as a point of reference, below I have posted a map of the present day Braidwood District that shows Jinglemoney and Bombay Crossing, Shoalhaven.
A indicates Jinglemoney and B shows Bombay Crossing

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