Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - James McGregor and Margaret McPherson

Margaret and James McGregor

Today I would like to share with you a recently discovered photo of Margaret (nee McPherson) and James McGregor.  Margaret and James were my great great grandparents and they were married on the 23 June 1859, in the Presbyterian Church, Jinglemoney, in the Braidwood district of NSW, Australia.  They lived in this district for a number of years before moving to Balmain Sydney.  Margaret and James are the parents of the McGregor sisters who feature in my series of blogs on the McGregor Sisters.  Also, I recently wrote of the day I spent exploring the area where they lived in Balmain, in my post Sentimental Sunday- Walking in the Steps of my great great Grandparents - Margaret and James McGregor.

This is such a lovely picture of them both.  I wonder when it was taken? I think it must have been a special occasion, possibly their 50th Wedding Anniversary which would have been in 1909.


  1. Jinglemoney - what a classic place name.

    You are fortunate to have such a beaut collection of family photos.

  2. Yes, it is a lovely photo, I have been feeling quite connected with these gg grandparents, as I research their lives and children. They were married on the same date as my birthday.