Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Those Places Thursday - Acacia Farm, Clyde River, Nelligen

Acacia Far - Clyde River - near Nelligen, NSW

Last night I was going through some old files on our computer and found a folder of old photos that my husband had kindly scanned for me a couple of years. Note to self!!  I need to go through these and label and file into appropriate family files.    

I started looking through the pictures and was very excited to find quite a few of Acacia Farm.  I believe they would have been taken around very close to the time when my parents were married, probably just before they were married and my father bought my mother from Broken Hill to meet all his family who lived on the South Coast of NSW. 

 So over the next couple of days I would like to share with you some of the lovely old black and white pictures of Acacia Farm.  This farm was where five generations of the Lee family lived from the late 1800'.  My Nanna Christina Lee (daughter of George Lee and Catherine McGregor) grew up on this farm and travelled by boat down to the school in the small village of Nelligen.  Then when her husband Malcolm Michael Shepherd passed away my father lived there with his grandparents.  My Nanna’s youngest brother Jordie inherited the farm and it was then passed down to his daughter.

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