Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Lynn Shepherd II (1829-1903)

Gravestone - Braidwood Cemetery Lynn Shepherd II
Recently I visited the historical gold mining town of Braidwood and wrote about our family's connection with the Gold Mining history of this district in a blog on the Worldwide Genealogical Collaboration, Visiting Past Connections - a reflection on the influence of the gold rush on our family history.  In this post I mentioned that one of the branches of our family was involved in the carrier business.  Three generations of the Shepherd family lived in the Braidwood district and were instrumental in the transport of all kinds of goods from timber, supplies, mining equipment from the small outlying settlements around of this district, to Braidwood and over the Clyde Mountain to Nelligen.

This is the photo of my great great grandfather Lynn Shepherd II's grave, which is in the Braidwood cemetery.  Lynn Shepherd II, born in Newcastle, New South Wales, on the 14th February 1829, was the son of Lynn David Shepherd and Elizabeth Mariner. He married Harried Webb in Arualuen in 1855. They had a large family of  six sons and six daughters, among these was my great grand father Lynn Shepherd III (yes, three generations of Lynn Shepherds!). Also, his youngest son  Ralph Shepherd died in mysterious circumstances after a house fire. 

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