Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday's Obituary- George William Lee Obituary (1859-1936)

To stay in keeping with the title of my blog, Family Stories: Photographs and Memories, I thougt it is time to start telling some of these family stories.  What better way than to start with the obituary of my great grandfather George Lee.  George was born in the small community of Nelligen, NSW the first surviving son of two of the early settlers of this district, Thomas George Lee and Emma Jane Weston.  George married Catherine McGregor in 1888 and are the parents of my Grandmother, Chistina Sterand Lee.  They and their family lived on the Nelligen River at "Acacia Farm".  The old farm house that features in one of my earlier blogs, "Acacia Farm".

Death of Mr George Lee

"This passing was not sudden or unexpected.  Slowly but surely age and illness, untied the knot of life and in the solemn hush of last Sabbath, breaking dawn, his spirit broke the earthy bars and drifted out into the calm of the eternal land..

The late Mr Lee came to Nelligen when a child with his fathers large family of virile workers, and became well and truly anchored as “Farmer George” on the Clyde river ever since.  In early life he married “Miss Kate McGregor” of Braidwood district, who proved a right worthy help made and splendid mother of four sons and five daughters. Three of the stalwart sons, Clyde, James and Norman are well and favourably know in the Police Department of this state, where the outstanding physique and reliable efficiency soon attracted attention.  James made many friends in Moruya, where he was stationed for two years.

The five daughters, all married and settled in the district, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Rixon, Mrs M. Shepherd, Mrs E. Rixon and Mrs Sheppard.  Mr Lee’s long and uneventful life, centered on home and family and he had but little time for aught else.  Of static temperament, calm and deliberte in judgment, slow in speech and action through storm or shine, he kept the even finer of his way and throughout his honorable life ever proved a good husband, a fond father, a true friend and a humble Christian who practiced more in common life than man preached in high places.

Headstone: George Lee - Nelligen
Our sympathy goes to the widow and bereaved family. A large funeral followed the remains to Nelligen Cemetery on Monday evening.  The funeral was conducted by P. Brogan of Moruya.  His impressive rendition of the simple, yet sublime service was compellingly arresting, and the quivering breaks in singing “abide with me” were tremulous with tingling pathos. 

 At conclusion of ritual Mr Trelfell gave a stirring straight from the shoulder, heart to heart sympathetic address that went straight to the mark and seemed to gather fresher force when told beneath the dark blue dome of gods great Cathedral and the closing benediction brought a sense of ineffable calm to the many mourners, Mr Trefell has only recently been appointed to Milton Circuit, but soon came to the front ‘with” the harness of enterprise specially qualify him for sacred mission, and he is doing splendid work in the district."

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